Orgasm Control - how to delay the ejaculation

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Prolong your sexual act EFFECTIVELY.

The supplement programme has been prepared
so that you could enjoy:

  • LONGER SEXUAL ACT even 30 extra minutes,
    without any tiring exercises.
    with more sperm
  • STRONG AND FULL ERECTION - new dimension of sexual sensation for you and your partner.


Longer sexual act. Naturally and pleasantly.

An innovative spray prolonging your sexual act. The results will not in your wildest dreams:

  • LONGER SEXUAL ACT even 30 extra minutes,
    without any tiring exercises.
  • STRONG AND FULL ERECTION - new dimension of sexual sensation for you and your partner.

The first effects can be seen as early as a few weeks after the beginning of your treatment!


Longer sexual act and well cared-for penis.

The gel has been prepared to prolong your sexual act and guarantee better friction movements. Enjoy these unbelievable effects:

  • even 40 minutes LONGER SEXUAL ACT,
  • STRONG AND FULL ERECTION whenever you wish,
  • amazing firmness and better moisturizing.

It includes ingredients soothing rritations.
It has velvet consistency.


ORGASM CONTROL ®Innovative family of products created in order to delay the ejaculation

ORGASM CONTROL is a programme comprising of 3 products:

  • ORGASM CONROL - diet supplement in the form of tablets
  • ORGASM CONROL Spray - spray created in order to support ejaculation delay
  • ORGASM CONROL+ Gel - a 2-in-1 product gel + lubricant with ingredients known for having  intercourse prolonging properties

ORGASM CONTROL - Full control, full satisfaction

The secret of ORGASM CONTROL is contained in using natural ingredients of the highest quality. Plant extracts are known for their properties prolonging the sexual act, and simultaneously stimulating and normalizing mechanisms responsible for erection and amplifying erotic sensations. This is a real revolution in intercourse prolongation. Penile tissues have specific needs, requiring a specially selected care programme. Orgasm Control is a true vitamin bomb, created with fighting premature ejaculation in mind.

A complex solution

Unique ingredients of ORGASM CONTROL are known for their ejaculation-delaying properties and manhood development. The supplementation also supplies the body with important ingredients in the diet, providing a complex action for the whole body.

Rejuvenating gel ORGASM CONTROL + is dedicated to the therapy of intercourse prolongation, enriched with active plant extract and natural measures preventing excessive receptor activation in the penis.

Full control over your sexual life thanks to the newest scientific discoveries.

The incredible popularity of ORGASM CONTROL is a result of using active ingredients of natural origin and technologically advanced components ensuring penetration to the deepest penile tissues. The effect of light anaesthesia has been achieved thanks to appropriate proportion and the highest, continuously improved, quality. Control your body and masculinity thanks to the strength enchanted in this revolutionary product.

Our revolutionary solutions are an effect of work of an international team of biotechnologists, botanists, doctors, cosmetologists and nutrition experts. Acting together, they have created the most effective and safest method of penis enlargement available on the market.

The highest quality.

ORGASM CONTROL+ is a high quality product, which, in contrary to many other products available on Polish market, is fully natural. Herbal ingredients present in its composition are obtained from herbs cultivated organically. Appropriate cultivation, harvest and processing, conforming to requirements of ISO 22000, HACCP standards and a Dutch guarantee system for diet supplements NZVT makes you sure, that it is a highest quality product.